Roaming Rumours of Resistance

Roaming Rumours of Resistance is a nomadic and parasitic radio program and the collaborative research framework of Johannes Reisigl and Juri Velt.

Founded in 2022, we connect the voices of different beings, places and practices to queer our understanding of resistance. Together, we search for orientation in uncertain times to cultivate response-ability and new planetary imaginaries - embracing muddy becomings, clumsy solutions and feral beings in the thick present. It is through the slowness of our making and the intimacy through which we relate, that we hold space for vulnerable failings, doubt, not-knowing, (un-)learning and collective meaning-making.

Below you see the timetable for a broadcast happening in October 2023, where we were invited as local artists by curator Danijela Oberhofer Tonkovic in the framework of Magic Carpets, Creative Europe Platform Project. More Information <

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00/00/2022— 26.10.—29.10.2023 —...